I’ve been taken from my homeland, despite of my earnest attempts (which included crying and screaming) to convince my mom that that was not a good idea, in the age of 2.  Ever since I visited USA only several times which is why my accent is so weird and quite not American. Yet I grew with all my love for United States as I believe it’s been injected into my blood the minute I popped into this world. 

I grew up in Poland, the land of simplicity, culture and vodka. I spent all my years hating the little town I was calling home and creating the best plan to get out of there. Through middle school, internship for fashion designers and tutoring English at 16 I drove straight to the airport to spend my senior year of high school in US. Working seven days a week after long nine months I graduated along with my wonderful soulmate I met in one of the dismal hallways. I got into FIT, moved to New York and just started working. 

Over the last two years I learnt a lot about myself, about what I want my life to be. I  know for sure I do not want to live to make money. I believe the world is a family and in family you don’t make dinner so that you get a lift, you make dinner so that everyone around the table get nourishment. That is what I want my life to be about. I have a pretty cool startup in mind that, when works out, can be put in a folder close to Blake Mycoskie’s (my absolute idol btw!).  Between a 9 to 5 job and my little startup I write. So you get to enjoy the creations of my odd mind!

I really hope you enjoy the little universe I created here.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. You are amazing Rosie !
    You have so much passion in you ! I know you are born to succeed in this life ! I wish you all success and happiness in your upcoming times.. and I got your back Rosie ;)

    Looking forward reading some awesome articles and pics.. pretty much your life :)

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