Art gallery exhibition + are we the generation of sad people?

Yesterday I went to an art gallery to see an exhibition prepared by Polish fashion photographers. Every each one of them got a 2 squire miters of space to fill up with their art work. And as I was looking at more and more pictures I realized that all of them were dark. They were filled with some kind of a melancholy. But not like in the past, with a beautiful, chic melancholy, it was more of a street sadness,  people showed as loners.

And I am aware that this is fashion and in fashion there is usually no place for showing any kind of overjoyed faces or lovey-dovey people but I consider those photographs quite depressing. They show a dismal scenario of a lost soul in a big world of distractions. Once upon a time a lady in a little black dress with a wide smile on her face was the icon of beauty. Now artists, fashion designers, photographers, are all focused on the street. On people that are not by any chance chic. They have an strong, usually controversial opinion on everything but they are sad.  They seem to be poisoned by the negativity, overwhelmed by the reality. And the worst part is they get drunk believing in toughness of life. They seem to enjoy it.

I feel like today people no longer  dance and laugh like in old times. And I keep asking myself, are we a generation that finds happiness in sadness? Beauty in dirty places filled with smoking kids? Is it all we are able to see? Or maybe, the picture of a chic lady was an illusion and showing the reality according to the majority is actually the true art? Even if the answer for my last question is yes, I’d rather keep myself drawn in the ocean of a magnificent illusion.







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